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PCOSnetwork.com provides an easy to navigate resource of PCOS treating professionals. Women with PCOS are often receiving multiple treatments for multiple symptoms, from multiple professionals. It’s the elephant story all over again. Who really knows the entire person?

Women with PCOS are intelligent people and excellent advocates for themselves. They want answers. It is our aim to help women with PCOS see themselves as more than the sum of their parts again.

There are many terrific resources and new developments for treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome. Our objective is to provide a centralized place to make your pursuit successful.


PCOSnetwork.com was formed with the goal of providing information and resources to help women with PCOS achieve a better quality of life. PCOS is a complex syndrome with many facets. It’s easy to feel like a disjointed specimen, with so many different elements to attend to. In treating PCOS, it is critical that your treatment team understand the whole you, not just the sum of your parts. pcosnetwork.com wants to provide a network, that’s easy to navigate through, to assist you in finding the right kind of treatment and support, by professionals that understand the full person that you are.

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Team Up.
Know Your Neighbor.

Given the economic challenges and market pressures of today, more people are choosing less healthcare services. Acute hospitalizations are down, as well as elective treatments. This means more people are white-knuckling it out there, and struggling a great deal as a result.

What you, the practitioner are faced with is a desperate patient, turning to you for comprehensive quality care and hope. It’s difficult for them to hear that in addition to your services, they also need a referral to a dietitian, a therapist, acupuncture or a gym membership. But without effective care and treatment, they will continue to struggle with their chronic condition and surely decompensate. You either do the best you can with what you’ve got, but chances are that you have developed a bag of tricks and resources to pool from.

Multidisciplinary relationships have never been more important. Now is the time to team up and network, know your local resources and develop relationships and innovative treatment plans. PCOS Network can be invaluable to members seeking to network and engage with others in the field. Membership confirms your commitment to excellence in care, while establishing rewarding relationships.

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